Correction: Richmond Votes Progressive in Senate Race AND on Marriage Amendment

Updated and Amended, 1 a.m; thanks to reader VoteNova for calling attention to the error on the SBE amendment numbers.

Let’s break down the vote here locally and see what Tuesday reveals about this region’s political culture.

As of 12:20, with 94% of Richmond precincts reporting, Webb was carrying 72.4% of the city’s vote in the Senate race, according to the State Board of Elections. In Henrico, the race nearly mirrored the state as a whole, with Allen tallying 49.9% of the vote compared to Webb’s 48.9%. In Chesterfield and Hanover, Allen racked up much larger majorities of 59% and 67% respectively.

How did Richmond vote on Constitutonal Amendment 1? Contrary to the State Board of Elections’s apparent error Tuesday evening in reporting a 74.3% “yes” vote on all 3 amendments, the City of Richmond’s website reports a city-wide vote of “no” on amendment 1 of 69.6%.

In Henrico, the “no” vote was 49.2%, compared to just 39.6% in Chesterfield and 35.2% in Hanover.
We’ll update the numbers in this post once the remaining Richmond precincts are tallied.

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  1. Wow! Awesome find, I wonder which one is correct, and if there is an error with SBE, how much will it shift the marriage ammendment overall in the state.

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