Energy Policy, and Escaping an Abusive Coach

Robert Bradley of the Institute for Energy Research informs Times-Dispatch readers today that the solution to all our energy problems is more and more capitalism. The argument goes something like this: if those pesky oil-rich regimes didn’t set rules to prevent Western companies from taking over their oil fields, and didn’t insist on trying to use their natural resources to benefit their populations, there wouldn’t be any oil shortages. I will fault the Saudis for a lot of things, but not for failing to organize oil production to maximally benefit American consumers or failing to allow outside corporations to acquire comprehensive oil rights “from the wellhead to the pump.” Note that Bradley also assumes that the long-run supply of oil is limitless–and that the term “conservation” appears to be entirely outside his vocabulary.

But don’t let Bradley’s corporate utopianism spoil your day: today the RTD sports page carries an outstanding article about James Madison basketball player Jennifer Harris. Harris is a transfer from Penn State who has filed a federal lawsuit against coach Rene Portland, charging that “Portland repeatedly accused, humilated and berated her–privately and in front of teammates–and ultimately dismissed her from the team because Portland suspected that the player was a lesbian.” Generally speaking, athletes who are courageous enough to criticize publically the methods of their coaches, past or present, are viewed in a dim light by sportswriters. But here Vic Dorr Jr. provides a sympathetic, well-researched portrait of former high school All-American Harris and her motivations. For instance, we learn that while Harris maintains she is not gay, the level of verbal abuse at Penn State she bore was so scarring that she does not want any other player to have to endure it.

Coach Portland herself refused to speak to the paper for the article, but a Penn State spokewoman denied Harris’s claim. Portland has publicly stated that the does not tolerate lesbianism in her program, however. Congrats to the RTD for a well-written and important piece.

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  1. This is fantastic! I cannot tell you how many times I get angry at an op ed piece in the Times-Dispatch—it must be on a daily basis. Now I can pour water on the flames coming out of my head with your blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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